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What our clients are saying about us!

What our clients are saying about us!




Our new family dog, Olive, came to us with little to no recall and some excess energy that my youngest didn’t love. We contacted Stacy and after one single consultation, I knew she was the right trainer for us. Off the bat, we saw results with the first “game” she taught us to play with Olive. We are now more than 8 sessions in with her and we have seen results for recall, walking on a leash, settling/manners with visitors and our kids, reducing the cat chasing and so much more. Stacy has taught us just as much as we’ve been able to teach Olive. She is professional, personable, and I don’t know what we would have done without her. 


- Jim M.

Stacy has been great for me & my dog!  She began training at my house. 

After seeing my pup needed more practice dealing with dog & people distractions, she suggested we meet at a busy park so that we get the most out of our hour session. I really appreciated that - she could have just taken my money week after week.

I first worked with her in group classes - her reasonable approach and real life experiences/situations really were relatable and made me feel comfortable and confident to train my dog (I've always had easy going dogs. This one... not so much. ;)


- Stef M.

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Stacy’s extensive expertise and knowledge in dog training are evident through her remarkable work. Our Blue Bay Shepherd perceives her as part of his pack, showcasing a strong bond and genuine affection. Under Stacy's guidance, our dog has notably improved in behavior and obedience while finding joy in the training process. Stacy's approach not only made training enjoyable but also exhibited exceptional patience and understanding, not only towards our dog but also towards us as owners. We highly endorse Stacy as a phenomenal trainer for her exceptional skills and approach.  


- Deannie H

My rescue beagle, Chloe, is the love of my life and Stacy has only strengthened our bond through her expertise and training. Stacy immediately connected with Chloe and knew exactly how to teach both me & her. It was amazing! Because of Stacy, I am now a better handler and dog mom, and my Chloe feels more safe knowing I will protect and guide her. Stacy has given me the tools I need to be the best dog mom I can be and for Chloe to live her best life. Thank you, Stacy!!

-Cynthia A.

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Stef M
Deannie H
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Stacy is a great trainer! She has trained our family to work with Gus to peacefully increase positive behaviors such as walking softly on his leash, sitting while guests arrive, pulling, and jumping. Stacy’s instructions are clear and she gives easy to follow steps to practice after she leaves. 

- Tom & Stephanie R.



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